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All PowerRouter
Solar Inverters have web monitoring.



All PowerRouter Solar Inverters should be installed
 by an authorised PowerRouter installer for the full
 support and warranty of the manufacturer. 

Let us help you make the most 
of the solar power you generate

solar inverter product series
2013 guide
A general guide to the versatilty 
and functionality of the 
PowerRouter series of Solar PV inverters that work on or off grid with web management as standard.Power router 
solar inverters are UK grid 
compliant feed in tariff friendly.

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The PowerRouter
installation manual general guide*
A general guide for installers with set
up instructions and technical data.
The PowerRouter enables you to store
energy during the day and use it 
at night.The PowerRouter has a unique 
battery management system that
prolongs the life of the solar batteries  
It is fully G83 compliant and has been 
developed for the UK grid.
off grid | on grid | smart grid

PowerRouter software instructions

PowerRouter SB quick install guide



 Power Router - Solar energy battery storage management inverter on grid or off grid. 
 All PowerRouter Solar Inverters  are G83 UK Electricity Grid Compliant Solar Inverters.

Also available as an add on extension for the PowerRouter non-storage solar inverters. PowerRouter Battery Manager Module extension for s-series here.
The PowerRouter is green, smart and gives you independence.  The PowerRouter energy storage solution. 

PowerrouterSB solar battery energy storage option information is below

Battery storage has evolved in the past year.
2020 Solar have batteries that are guaranteed
to last for 15 years. This combined with the PowerRouter's unique battery management system ensures unsurpassed longevity for your solar energy system.
Solar panels generate the most energy during the day when there is sunlight. A typical household tends to use the most electricity during the evenings. As a result the excess solar energy produced during the day is fed back into the grid. In the UK, we can sell that excess energy to an electricity company but we will still need to buy it back at a higher rate at night. The PowerRouter is unique in the UK because it enables you to connect to the UK grid and store excess energy in batteries. It is a fully automated system that also works as uninteruptable power supply in the event of increasing power cuts. It's like having your own power grid that you can monitor and optimize from anywhere via the internet.
Don't buy electricity back at a higher rate
in the evenings when you need it most ! 
Get a better return on your investment with the PowerRouter.

Download printable pdf version 
of this powerrouter information here

Optimize your solar energy. Store energy in the batteries during the day and use it at night.

The PowerRouter gives up to 20% savings 
because it optimises your solar energy produced.
Figure 1: 
Optimize your self use of solar power. PowerRouter Self use graph
Up to 30%
savings on self use with a changing energy 
consumption behaviour.
Up to 70%
saving on self use with a PowerRouter solar inverter with batteries without changing your energy consumption behavior.

Figure 2: Self use situation with optimization using the PowerRouter with batteries.

Advantages of the PowerRouter
1. Store energy in batteries for later use and feed the surplus into the grid still taking advantage of "buy back" tariffs from UK power companies.
2.The PowerRouter's is unique. It is UK grid ready and feed in tarrif compliant. 2020 Solar brought the PowerRouter to the UK market and already have 1000's of satisfied UK customers.  We only sell to fully qualified and authorised installers or we install the product ourselves. If you are a qualified electrician, you can book a training course with us. Just contact us for the next available powerrouter training course. The PowerRouter manufacturer's warranty is voided if you are not an authorised installer.  
3.The myPowerRouter.com web portal provides you with access to a comprehensive overview of your energy production, consumption and system status, anytime, anywhere. 
4.The PowerRouter comes with a unique feature that enables to supply backup power in the event of a grid failure, giving you greater independence from the grid. 
5.The more you optimize the self-generated energy through a PowerRouter with batteries, the less dependent you are on rising energy prices, the lower your energy bills will be and the greater incentive you will have.
The PowerRouter's intelligent battery manager charges and discharges the batteries optimally in order to extend the life of the batteries. The PowerRouter is easy to install and easy to configure. The connect and grow capability means you can start with the PowerRouter Solar and then easily expand the system by adding batteries. 

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